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Freitag – the Book. Individual Recycled Freeway Bags
This publication describes the history of the product and asks questions about economic, ecological and sociocultural contexts, expressing the aesthetics of a generation that is as vain as it is critical of consumerism, in a wide-ranging piece of documentation. Every book is unique with a individual spine. My very first book! A real work-in-process-project.

In collaboration with editor Lars Mueller, photographer Jules Spinatsch and writer Max Kueng.

Editor: Lars Müller Publishers
Art Direction: Lars Müller, Sandra Neumaier
Design: Sandra Neumaier
Photos: Jules Spinatsch
Text: Max Kueng
Pages: 492
Size: 16.5 x 24 cm
Ilustrations: 3000
Features: Hardcover with individual spine
Text: English
Publ. Date: September, 2001

_ADC Switzerland: Gold Medal
Category: Book Design
_ID magazine: 1st Price
Category: Identity www.idonline.com