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Large-scale housing developments. An excepcional case.
Frédéric Druot, Anne Lacaton & Jean Philippe Vassal. 

In the 1960s and 70s many communal housing complexes were built in France and throughout Europe which, while they managed to relieve the pressing postwar need for housing, present serious shortcomings today. Frédéric Druot, Anne Lacaton and Jean-Philippe Vassal confront this set of problems from a new angle and propose the radical transformation of such housing in order to adapt it to current lifestyles.

In collaboration with Mònica Gili and Susana Landrove.

Editorial: Gustavo Gili
Editorial stuff: Susana Landrove
Graphic Design: Sandra Neumaier
Pages: 264
Size: 19 x 27 cm
Features: Softcover, with punchcut
Text: Spanish, French, English
Publ. Date: September, 2007