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Nine years one month and a few days in the life of an advertising agency called *S,C,P,F… This book contains nine years, a month, two days and six hours in the life of a Spanish advertising agency called *S,C,P,F…  With a strong emphasis on creativity from its first beginnings, *S,C,P,F… is responsible for creating campaigns for such leading names in the Spanish market as BMW, IKEA, Vodafone, J&B, Gallina Blanca, Toys R Us, Evax and Damm. In collaboration with *S,C,P,F…/ Philippe Rouger. We create the story round about the “timeline” which is the main thread of the book, starting at the cover, running straightly through the book till the spine. The book was a work-in-process-project which lasts about two years browsing through a big amount of creative projects, fotos, documents, witty anecdotes.

In colaboration with Philippe Rouger, Jordi Lopez *S,C,P,F…

Editor: *S,C,P,F… published by Actar
Direction and Coordination: Philippe Rouger
Art Direction and Design: Sandra Neumaier
Photography: Jordi López
Pages: 764
Size: 17 x 24 cm
Ilustrations: Color
Features: 2 Dvd with 356 commercials
Text: English, Spanish
Publication Date: Abril, 2006

_Premios Laus: Laus Trophy
Subcategory: Selfpromotion
_Premios Laus: Nomination
Subcategory: Complete book
_C de C, Club de Creativos
(8º Anuario de la Creatividad Española del Club de Creativos)
Subcategory: Selfpromotion